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A New Path for the Next 100 Years

By ercol on 2 October 2013

2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of Ercol and the introduction of L. Ercolani, a premium brand committed to timeless design.

Lucian Ercolani

L. Ercolani embodies the classic collection designed by Lucian Ercolani and new works from international designers Norm Architects, Atlason studio, Jonas Wagell, Lars Beller Fjetland, Tomoko Azumi and Matthew Hilton. L. Ercolani represents the past and future heritage of Ercol. 

The vision of L. Ercolani is firmly rooted in a century of design tradition. A vision that only grows in strength and eminence as the years pass, further solidifying Ercol’s legacy of well-built furniture, designed and crafted to be cherished for generations.

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