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100 years of ercol

Hands holding some timber

Lucian R Ercolani founded ercol in 1920 in the heartland of English furniture making. He was intent on designing and producing beautiful and honest furniture, both design and people were the cornerstones of his company from the very beginning. This remains true of the family owned, private company that continues his beliefs in the 21st Century.

We were proud that 2020, was the 100th anniversary of ercol furniture and along with brand stamping our centenary logo on a selection of Originals we reissued our 467 Windsor cabinet to celebrate this significant occasion and commemorate this very special year for us.

The 467 ercol centenary Windsor cabinet

The 467 cabinet was first launched in 1962 as part of our Windsor range, designed by Lucian Ercolani, the collection defined the post-war era for ercol, setting the brand apart in the domestic furniture market. It was also the perfect example of how we’ve always looked forward creating new and original designs, this piece in particular has transcended style and stood the test of time and can sit with our classic Windsor collection as well as our more contemporary furniture in a modern home.

ercol centenary logo

This Anniversary Cabinet, along with a selection of pieces from our Originals Collection was brand stamped in 2020 with our centenary logo to mark 100 years of furniture making for ercol furniture. The logo incorporated the ercol lion which was on our branding from the 1920’s.

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