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Norm Architects

Founded in 2008, multifaceted design studio Norm Architects unifies thoughtful clean design with deep intuitive concepts.


Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, they are guided by their rich cultural heritage and proudly uphold the Modernist principles of restraint and refinement. Their work displays an informed understanding of the symmetry between austerity and serenity, and it reflects an uncompromising approach to quality and tradition. Working across multiple disciplines, they are established in industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interiors, photography and art direction.

Tirelessly pursuing enduring design, the studio’s appreciation of natural materials is instinctual. Polished and precise, Norm Architects’ meticulous approach lends to a unique kinship between form and function. Norm Architects aims at continuously refining their practice as opposed to reinventing it, honouring the craft, and recognising past design traditions. They strive to meet basic human needs through design that appeals to the senses, modern tastes and a diversity of culture, all while reflecting their own timeless design language.

Designs by Norm Architects

Canvas Tall Cabinet

From £2,414From £2,840

Designed by Norm Architects, 2020

Reprise Chair with Webbed Seat


Designed by Norm Architects, 2020

Pennon Large Table


Designed by Norm Architects, 2019