Tomoko Azumi

Tomoko Azumi is a Japanese-born interior, product and furniture designer based in East London. Early in her career, Azumi trained as an architect in Kyoto before moving on to work at an architectural studio in Tokyo.


Following her move to London in 1992, Azumi completed her Masters in Furniture Design at the prestigious Royal College of Art and embarked on a ten-year partnership at AZUMI. In 2005, Azumi founded TNA Design Studio, an internationally-focused design practice developing furniture, lighting products, interior design and exhibition space design. Functional, precise and balanced, Azumi’s creations reflect her desire to improve the quality of users’ daily life through thoughtful, well-crafted and visually-appealing design. 

Tomoko Azumi’s seminal work within the fields of interior and furniture design have earned her numerous permanent museum exhibitions, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Stedelijk Museum in Holland. In 2016, Azumi was awarded the Furniture Makers’ Company Design Guild Mark for excellence in furniture design for the iconic L.Ercolani Flow Chair. Today, in addition to being an active design practice, TNA Design Studio has become a space for community and knowledge-sharing — conducting various workshops and research projects. 

Designs by Tomoko Azumi