L.Ercolani showcases the classic collection designed by Lucian Ercolani and contemporary works from international designers Norm Architects, Atlason Studio, Lars Beller Fjetland and Tomoko Azumi. L.Ercolani represents the past and future of Ercol.

Inspired by the pure elemental beauty of wood, and guided by a minimal aesthetic, the vision of L.Ercolani is firmly rooted in a century of design tradition. A vision that only grows in strength and eminence as the years pass, further solidifying Ercol’s legacy of well-built furniture, designed and crafted to be cherished for generations.

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L.Ercolani x 2LG

A vibrant celebration of self-expression and innovative craftsmanship. A limited-edition collaboration between L.Ercolani and interior design duo, 2LG Studio. The L.Ercolani x 2LG collection is a bold step into a world where furniture becomes art, craftsmanship meets creativity, and every piece tells a story. It invites individuals to embrace the joy of self-expression and the beauty of handcrafted design.

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Jordan and Russell from 2LG with Henry Tadros from L.Ercolani

Pennon Large Table x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Butterfly Chair x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Reprise Chair with Webbed Seat x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

IO Large Coffee Table x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Chairmakers Chair x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

IO Side Table x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Canvas Tall Cabinet x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Von Bench x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Introducing our 2023 Catalogue

In a world shaped by fleeting consumer tastes and attitudes, good design has the power to outlive the ephemeral nature of trends. Featuring contemporary designs and beloved, mid-century classics, the catalogue focuses on the portfolio of work by Lucian Ercolani and collaborations with influential international designs. The collections are a testament to the immortality of thoughtful, well-crafted design and the ways in which it can be reimagined and interpreted by generations to come.

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L.Ercolani catalogue cover image

Flow Chair

From £630

Designed by Tomoko Azumi, 2015

Pennon Small Table


Designed by Norm Architects, 2019



There’s a reason why people linger after meals and it is rooted in something considerably more profound than food. Sharing a meal has always been a pretence to a much more intimate act; an excuse to facilitate connection. Having a meal by oneself is an act that is understood without fault and it is accommodated without deliberation. Dining together becomes something far more meaningful and it is the intangible nourishment of these experiences that we desire. Familiar memories are enhanced over sunlit breakfasts, business relationships are strengthened over lunch and special occasions are brightened by dinner. Dining is an incomparable medium for human interaction and whether shared in a lively restaurant with peers or the warmth of your home with family, the substance, the sentiment and the connection remains the same.

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Von Chair

From £2,100

Designed by Hlynur V. Atlason, 2018

IO Long Table


Designed by Lars Beller Fjetland, 2020

Canvas large cabinet (WN/K220), Reprise chair with webbed seat (Ash/NM) and IO coffee table (Ash/NM)


There is a unique intention in every living space. A certain thoughtfulness in the straight, precise lines of a coffee table, in the curvature of a rocking chair and softly uttered in the wings of a Butterfly Chair. We choose our spaces wisely, favouring those that subtly reveal our desires in soft, emotive cues. Spaces and settings that accentuate the mood, the occasion and the people. A variety of bespoke wood types, finishes and colours allow us to shape the essence of a room, carefully illuminating the mood we wish to convey. We present a cohesive collection of individually expressive pieces, all attuned to a single elegant discourse, as if instruments in an orchestra.

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Canvas Tall Cabinet

From £2,945

Designed by Norm Architects, 2020

Treviso Desk


Designed by Matthew Hilton, 2009



Work is all about purposeful interaction, collaboration and concentration. The recent shift in how we work requires multifunctional furniture design. Contemporary culture demands pieces that are highly versatile, lending themselves to a wide range of warm and inviting settings, from private homes and corporate environments to hotel lobbies. As designers, we approach this challenge with a pragmatic mindset, considering both functional and aesthetic solutions to make these settings feel less like work and more like home. We strive to create a careful balance of functionality and sensory appeal, an equilibrium that is essential to how a given space makes us feel.

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Norm Architects

Design and architecture studio in Copenhagen

Lars Beller Fjetland

Product designer based in Bergen

Tomoko Azumi

Designer based in London

Hlynur Atlason

Designer based in New York City