L.Ercolani x 2LG: "Self-Expression Through Colour" - London Design Fair 2023


A vibrant celebration of self-expression and innovative craftsmanship. A limited-edition collaboration between L.Ercolani and interior design duo, 2LG Studio.

The L.Ercolani x 2LG collection is a bold step into a world where furniture becomes art, craftsmanship meets creativity, and every piece tells a story. It invites individuals to embrace the joy of self-expression and the beauty of handcrafted design.

Built on a relationship that began in 2017, the new limited-edition collection is a celebration of creative collaboration. Bringing together the heritage of L.Ercolani and 2LG’s passion for self-expression through colour. 

Having spent time in the factory, Jordan and Russell chose colours that accentuate the intricate making processes that bring these designs to life and reflect their own passion for colour. 2LG mention “Having spent time in the factory, it is one of the happiest factories we’ve ever had the pleasure to experience, the use of colour on each piece was chosen to accentuate the making processes.”


Jordan and Russell of 2LG Studio embarked on their journey as designers a decade ago, they encountered their fair share of challenges in finding their place within the dynamic world of design. Now, as seasoned design professionals, they are keen to create a platform where others can come together and celebrate design while emphasising inclusivity and identity. This vision will come to life at the London Design Fair 2023 through their innovative concept space, "You Can Sit with Us."

The concept design space has been meticulously designed to make everyone feel like there is a seat for them at the table of design. It is a tribute to the journey that 2LG Studio themselves have undertaken, and now, they are extending a welcoming hand to all who share their passion for design.

“Colour is how we communicate joy and craft is the skilful framework we have applied it to for this creative collaboration.“


Henry Tadros, Chairman of L.Ercolani is equally enthusiastic about this collaboration, stating, "I was delighted to be able to work with Jordan and Russell again and to expand the scope of our collaboration. They have brought their passion for colour to L.Ercolani, reimagining two of our timeless and iconic designs, created by my great grandfather, Lucian Ercolani, and six of our future icons. It's great to bring together our heritage with our present and showcase them in this beautifully curated colour palette. It was a delight to make and I'm sure they will share joy to any room they are in."

L.Ercolani x 2LG invite you to celebrate not only design but also the spirit of collaboration, inclusivity, and the joy of self-expression through colour. The concept space at London Design Fair 2023 promises to be an immersive experience that resonates with all who have a passion for design and a desire to find their seat at the table of creativity.

The limited edition pieces will be on display at Truman Brewery from 21st – 24th September 2023 and are available to purchase via the L.Ercolani website. ­­


L.Ercolani x 2LG

Pennon Large Table x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Butterfly Chair x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Reprise Chair with Webbed Seat x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

IO Large Coffee Table x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Chairmakers Chair x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

IO Side Table x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Canvas Tall Cabinet x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023

Von Bench x 2LG


Designed by L.Ercolani x 2LG, 2023